cGMP Manufacturing Partner

Imagine a strategic partner with more than 30 years experience as a GMP manufacturer; imagine a modern, validated production, packaging, and warehousing facility just 10 minutes from the Toronto Pearson International Airport; imagine a team of professionals capable of every aspect of formulating and custom packaging and design, with a strong track record of regulatory compliance... this is Pharmax.

With its GMP operating experience, Pharmax Limited is now committed to extend this capability to contract manufacturing services for chemical and pharmaceutical clients.

Pharmax’ main expertise is in the formulation and production of liquid chemistries. We are a preferred solutions provider for chemical and pharmaceutical institutions and their contract production endeavours. Whether the relationship is a production alliance or a custom chemical synthesis, Pharmax is a responsive, one-stop organization committed to keeping its customers on the forefront of their chosen fields.

Pharmax specializes in custom liquid chemical formularies for companies that seek formulation, product development, and scalable production and packaging services. We are actively developing contract manufacturing opportunities globally and seeking opportunities to make difficult, useful, and novel chemistries. Our staff has an extensive synthetic organic chemistry background and is capable of handling a wide variety of chemistry projects. In addition, our quality control and regulatory team can assist with product registration. Our objective-oriented approach has made us a perfect complement for aggressive organizations looking to expand their production capacity and extend their reach, particularly for short-run, high-value products.

As a FDA and Health Canada compliant manufacturer, Pharmax’ dedicated GMP manufacturing facility is comprised of the following technical and administrative areas:

  • Secured and contained manufacturing facility.
  • GMP compliant production rooms.
  • GMP compliant filling rooms.
  • GMP compliant product storage rooms and warehouse.
  • Research formulation and development laboratory.

The environmental conditions within the GMP manufacturing facility (including temperature, humidity, and air quality) are monitored at regular intervals, and aseptic conditions are maintained through routine cleaning. Access to the manufacturing facility is restricted to authorized personnel only and is controlled by access doors. A full environmental monitoring program is in place for the entire premises.