Pharmax Research

Our mission at Pharmax Limited is to understand the challenges in infection prevention and control and to deliver the solutions. Clearly, this is a two-stage process. We believe that “understanding the challenges” is rooted in an effective research component. In 2008, Pharmax created an independent research initiative, Pharmax Research Inc. (PRI), through which we have collaborated successfully with many of the world’s leading research centres, including the Biofilm Research Group at the University of Calgary, the multidisciplinary cohort at the University of Guelph, and collaborative opportunities, through our membership at the State University of New York at Buffalo, in grant programs from the United States Government.

These collaborations have lead to an understanding of the devastating impact of biofilms in the causal relationship where cross-infections are rampant; the development of unique combinations of chemistry and medical devices to detect early stage sepsis; and, most importantly, a totally managed system for hand sanitizing.

Pharmax Research is a visionary leader in “delivering the solutions” that significantly impact challenges in infection prevention and control.

Edward (Ted) Petroff is the Chief Operating Officer of Pharmax Research Inc. (PRI). This is a new position developed to foster and monitor the research activities undertaken by Pharmax Limited. In his role as COO, Ted will help PRI articulate a corporate research agenda, catalyze the launch of projects to pursue that agenda, and serve as the technical conscience of the organization. Ted has a long history of developing and commercializing research and innovation for both public and private companies, with experience managing international development projects. In addition to over 20 journal publications, Ted has four U.S. patents. He is a graduate of The University of Waterloo (BSc in Applied Chemistry), Queen’s University (MSc in Chemistry/PhD in Engineering Chemistry), and The University of Western Ontario (EMBA), and holds the Professional Engineer (PEng) designation in Ontario.
Contact: or call 905-507-6777.

Current Projects:

At present, Pharmax Research Inc. has joint research focussed on several demanding initiatives:

Biofilm Research

Biofilm Research is currently underway in three different locations. Under the direction of Dr. Howard Ceri and Dr. Ray Turner, research is underway on the use of a wide variety of different combinations of antimicrobials to challenge the complex structure of bacterial biofilms. This research has far-reaching applications beyond healthcare, and creates opportunities for licensing into industries such as agriculture, oil and gas exploration, and environmental remediation.

In addition, research on the impact of linear flow on biofilms is underway at the University of Guelph. The results of this initiative may lead to the understanding of how a combination of mechanical and chemical stressors might mimic the natural degradation of bacterial biofilms.

Finally, clinical applications of various antimicrobials are being investigated by a team at the SMP Research Group in Germany.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering is the ability to select and alter the genetic make-up of enzymes to perform advanced functions not currently possible in the destruction of unique proteins (such as Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD) or the exopolysaccharides associated with a mature-state biofilm). Pharmax Research has relationships with enzyme formulators to manipulate the genetic make-up of enzyme structures for this specific purpose.

Novel Antimicrobials

Novel antimicrobials, which are completely natural yet exhibit powerful antimicrobial properties, are the next generation of substances for use in disinfectant formulas of the future. A joint project is underway with a partner in Spain to create novel applications for a proprietary peroxide molecule. A similar activity is underway with a research partner in the United Kingdom, utilizing various forms of fruit acids with accelerators.

Early-Stage Sepsis

Early-stage sepsis is one of the most significant challenges in eliminating a major cause of mortality and morbidity. Sepsis is almost always treatable if detected at its early stage. Pharmax Research has licensed technology that could enable the use of antibodies that trigger a microcurrent in a detection device placed in a urinary catheter, which, in the presence of early stage sepsis, would communicate with a linked RFID device.