Who we are

Founded in 1972, Pharmax Limited is a Canadian pharmaceutical manufacturing company that specializes in liquid chemistries for infection prevention and control in healthcare settings. Over the past decade, the company’s research and development know‐how has enabled Pharmax to offer solutions for many of the leading causes of cross‐infections. Currently, Pharmax has product development initiatives in seven categories: high-level instrument disinfectants, instrument cleaners, endoscope cleaners, hard surface disinfectant cleaners, skin and hand sanitizers, air purification devices, and infection control support chemistry. Pharmax has operations in Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom, and is actively developing markets in the Caribbean and the Middle East, as well as The People’s Republic of China, India, Africa, and Latin America (including Mexico).

With over 35 years experience in chemical formulation, and with a facility that is GMP certified by Health Canada, the FDA, the EPA, and the World Health Organization, Pharmax Limited is an ideal partner for custom manufacturing. The company’s head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, a 10 minute drive west of Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Our Vision:

To be the global leader in mitigating cross-infections in healthcare environments.

Our Mission:

To develop infection prevention and control products for clinical environments and facilitate the protection of healthcare workers and patients, while promoting compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Our History:

Pharmax Limited was founded in 1972 by a pharmaceutical chemist, Stanley Cowan. The company was formed to manufacture and market a unique chemistry, called Glutacide®, to disinfect reusable medical and dental instruments and devices. The third generation of this chemistry still persists today as a leader in instrument disinfection.

In the year 2000, Gary Hodgins took over the management of Pharmax and began a bold reorganization program. He downsized the operation and updated the facility with innovative production equipment. Pharmax’ progress over the last decade has led to increased product offerings from a single product in 2000 to over 22 products in 7 categories today.

Pharmax Limited currently operates out of a new 20,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility, supplying products to both Canadian and International markets.